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Have you reviewed the eligibility criteria? Okay, then let’s get on with making a nomination.

The first step of making a nomination is to set up a nominator account. This is so we have a record of who is making the nomination and can get in touch.

You can then complete the nomination form and submit the two letters of support.

Letters of support

You will have to submit two letters of support from two additional people who know the organisation well. As it often takes time to obtain these, we recommend requesting these as soon you complete the eligibility questionnaire.

Letters of support

Nominators must submit two separate letters of support from two additional people who know the organisation well.

Letters must not be written by a volunteer, employee, trustee or anyone involved with the running of the group. Letters from patrons, for example, supporter or funder, are acceptable, as long as they have no involvement with the management and operation of the group.

The letters play a very important part in the assessment process. We are looking for letters that bring the work and impact of the group to life, so a letter from someone who knows their work well (for example, a beneficiary) would be ideal.

Writers should provide factual detail to support their message of endorsement, as this provides extra evidence for assessors.

These letters should state the following:

  1. The impact of the group on the local community
  2. What the volunteers in the group do and why they are special
  3. The relationship of the supporter to the group, including the reason for the endorsement

Only two letters can be submitted. Each should be from a different individual.

You do not have to make a nomination all at once, and you can save your progress once you have set up an account.

Please note: Nominations for the 2023 awards are now closed. However, you can nominate a group for the 2024 awards from 1st April 2023.

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