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The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service Emblem Guidelines

The emblem should only be displayed by volunteer groups who have received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This is a lifetime achievement award and can be used indefinitely by the awarded volunteer group. Any associated groups, such as affiliated groups, national and parent groups are not permitted to use it.

It is very important that you follow the guidelines in the document below. If you have any questions, please contact us at or telephone 0207 271 6206

Emblem Guidelines

Please ensure that you read and follow this guidance carefully:


The Award must only be reproduced in Pantone® purple 2612. Wherever possible the emblem should be on a white background to ensure maximum contrast.

Purple Pantone® 2612

CMYK: C64 M100 Y0 K14

RGB: R107 G32 B127

Emblem file types

.JPG Files

These are a very standard format. There is no transparency (background is white). These are the ‘safest’ option, your default. Share these and any recipient is entirely likely to be able to view and print in a reasonably consistent style.

.EPS Files

These are resolution independent files suitable for designers or printers. Your master files basically.

.PNG Files

These are a fixed resolution and support transparency, so the ‘normal’ version is on a transparent background. Suitable for websites, email signatures etc

Download the Emblem

Main Emblem (White background)

Main Emblem (Reversed – Purple background)

Main Emblem – Welsh Versions

Main Emblem – with MBE text

Other Promotional Materials

QAVS flyers:

Feel free to print and increase awareness of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

QAVS Social Media materials:


Each awarded group can purchase badges for their volunteers as recognition of their effort and work. These are provided by various independent suppliers online, and are purchased at the discretion of each group.  However, please ensure that the product conforms to the guidelines outlined above.  Shaw Munster Group (details below) is a recognised supplier of the badge, but other suppliers may be used.

Shaw Munster Group

0121 360 4279